I believe that if you are a start-up in creative industries or an independent  emerging designer you should have a good understanding about how PR
and self-promotion work. PR is about story telling. I created this 12 week PR Challenge with one aim: to help you get the right exposure and brand
awareness for your business. 

The challenge is accompanied by our PR Resource Book, which serves as a more in-depth guide. It provides the insight into how I, as an editor of a small independent lifestyle publication, work. It helps you to understand how publications, like Estila Magazine, are run and what kind of content we look for. 



We have a private Facebook group, where you can ask any questions. However, here are the most common questions and answers:

1. When can I join the challenge?

You can join it at any time. Your challenge will start as soon as you sign up for it. Each Friday morning you will receive an email with instructions to follow through for the week ahead. 

2. Can I follow the challenge at my own pace?

Yes, of course. You will be receiving emails each week, however you can save them for later and refer to them whenever you are ready to move on.

3. Do I need to be part of the Facebook group?

You don't have to but I advise you do. From my experience, it is better if you can speak to fellow participants and like-minded people for support and accountability.

4. Do I need to get the PR Resource book?

​I would recommend you to have the book available for a reference. Even though the challenge provides guidelines, the book includes templates and case studies, which you can refer to, if you get stuck.

5. I've signed up but I'm not receiving any emails.

​All emails are scheduled through Mailchimp email provider. Please ensure that you have our email address saved in your address book. If you still experience problems, please get in touch.

​6. Where can I purchase the PR Resource Book?

You can purchase it here.​

7. Facebook Rules

​Our Facebook group is a non-promotional group of like-minded people. Our mission to is to share knowledge and encourage collaborations. You can see our group rules here.